The Name of the Wind

nameofthewind (Custom).jpgThe Name of the Wind

The Kingkiller Chronicles #1

Patrick Rothfuss


3 Stars

662 Pages



a Chronicler finds a Hero and is told his story in 3 days. This book is day 1. Very well written, but it is of the darker variety. Too much sensuality and several instances of taking God’s name in Vain. No need for that at all. I also don’t care for the darker edge to this. So I am waiting until this trilogy finishes before I decide if I want to buy it or not. Book 1, no. Maybe Book 2 and 3 will redeem it, I hope so.

UPDATE: (2016?)

Never bothered to read book 2 [not since it came out in 2011]. Rothfuss is an ass, so I’ll leave his books alone. Let his bootlickers enjoy this.

4 thoughts on “The Name of the Wind

    1. Well, just remember this was written in ’02 and Rothfuss had categorically stated that the trilogy was finished and just needed some polishing up so fans could expect each new book a year after the previous.

      It is now ’19 and book 3 is no where in sight 😉

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