The Singer’s Crown

The Singer’s Crown

Elaine Isaak


1 Star


This novel had an interesting plotline. A king dies, his brother kills his heirs and wife but lets his fave nephew live, but castrates him and sends him to live with singing monks. The nephew comes back many years later and retakes his throne.

Ok, now the real review. This was a HORRIBLE book. By horrible, I mean I would gladly do physical violence to the author to prevent her from ever writing again. Why, you ask? Let me tell you. This lady either hates men, doesn’t understand them AT all OR has some insane desire for men to actually be women inside. ALL the male good characters are the most effeminate, emotional, wussy and plain cowardly wusses I have ever wanted to throttle and then run through. How many times can you read about men “…touched his shoulder and gazed into his eyes” without wanting to just totally puke it all up! And the thing is, it is not at all homosexual. It is just girly. Men acting like women, WRONGO!

5 thoughts on “The Singer’s Crown

    1. Kicker is, I actually went to a SF book club group with her for about 3 months. I didn’t know it at the time and it wasn’t until I’d left that they were the same person.
      Glad I didn’t know 😀

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