Odd Girl Out

Odd Girl Out
Quadrail #3
Timothy Zahn
3 stars
379 pages

Compton and Bayta help a girl who is part of a group. This group is in symbiosis with a variant of the Mhodri, in an attempt for the Chahwyn to create an army of their own to fight back against the Mhodri.

This was so filled with “I know that they know that I know that I will do this to…” that it was just confusing. Read the first 2 or 3 chapters, read the last 3 chapters, and your have the story in a nutshell. I enjoyed this only because I enjoyed the previous 2 books in the series. Pretty blase work though. I really hope Zahn ups his game in any forthcoming Quadrail books or I’m afraid they just won’t be worth reading.

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