Jedi Twilight

Jedi Twilight
Star Wars: Coruscant Nights #1
Michael Reaves
3 stars
343 pages

Den and I-Five, from the Med-Star duology show up trying to find Pavan’s son[from Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter]. Jax is his name and he is/was a jedi. Takes place after Revenge of the Sith, so the Jedi are being hunted. Jax is a whiner and a loser and I didn’t like him at all. I was more interested in Den and I-Five. Also has a big Xizor tie-in[prequel info for Shadows of the Empire].

This book could go either way with fans. Either like it for the tie-in info or dislike it for its complete mediocrity. While I enjoyed the Med-Star duology, I didn’t care for this at all. It does, however, show how the remaining Jedi felt after Revenge of the Sith.

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