Mirror of Opposition

mirrorofopposition (Custom)

Mirror of Opposition

T.S. Robinson


3 Stars

172 pages



3 young warriors in training end up saving the world from a demon almost as old as god.

Ok. This seemed forced. There were many times where Zen’ist thought was bandied about, along with a perverted form of Christianity. The characters had no depth and they seemed to follow a cookie cutter path-1 becomes a great warrior, 1 becomes a Powerful Angelic Being of Great Goodness and 1 becomes a bad guy who gets bored and so helps out the good guys just because he can? They weren’t fleshed out. 1 or 2 short chapters in and things just get busy. They just seemed like cardboard characters moving along a candyland path.

Several things didn’t make sense to me. If the school the boys were at was a school for a powerful empire, why were the badguys just having their way? Where were the Imperial Forces? The gates. Why did the Mirrorist simply have a holding pattern? Why didn’t they USE the gates in force instead of simply hiding them? If something isn’t going to be used by you, destroy it so the enemy can’t use it. Basic military thought, at least in my opinion.

And the whole angel/demon thing, phooophhh, it just smacked of D&D and the Apocrypha.

With that being said, overall it wasn’t a bad read. It just should have been longer with some serious character development.

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