Nyphron Rising (Riyria Revelations #3)

Nyphron Rising

Riyria Revelations #3

Michael Sullivan

5 Stars


Splits the story between the empress [who is a puppet:] and Royce and Adrian. The New Empire is taking over, with long term planning help from the Nyphron church. Several revelations are made about the past, and future, of Royce and Hadrian and the true Heir is revealed. Esrahaddon shows his conniving wizardly ways and you still don’t know if he should be trusted, simply because his agenda is unclear. The empress’s story was nicely done. She has gone into a moving coma practically, so the story is really more about a serving maid who draws her out and makes her want to live again. Gave a nice touch and contrasted nicely with the devious scheming of the church.

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