Eye of the World

Eye of the World

Wheel of Time #1

Robert Jordan


5 Stars

A re-read in preparation for the final novel in the beginning of next year.

Incredible. The scene in the beginning where Rand sees the dark horseman and everything is winter dead and the atmosphere is dreadful, it really got me. It was good writing. The story was cool and there was so much that I just didn’t remember. There were times that I didn’t like characters, but I know more of that is coming, so I tried to let it go. But it is really hard to not want to kill Matt for being a complete asshole in the middle of Shadar Logoth.

Definitely going to go slow with this series, one every couple of weeks, no back to back readings, so as not to burn out. And I really like the new TOR covers as well 🙂

Eye of the World 2000 “Review”

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