Battle for Skandia

Battle for Skandia
Ranger’s Apprentice #4
John Flanagan
4 Stars
Epub, 238 Pages

Halt, Will and the others are trapped in Skandia by the mongol horde. They make an uneasy truce with the Skandians to provide training so the Skandians don’t get their butts handed to them on a platter. They defeat the horde at a terrible cost and the main group survives and gets home, with a treaty with the Skandians.

It really struck home how much this series is just a European fantasy setting. England, France, Norway, Mongol hordes, Asian steppes, etc, etc.
Makes me wonder if young people reading this will want to investigate the real thing, or get bored by the real history since there isn’t a single charismatic character to tie it all together?

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