Day of the Triffids

Day of the Triffids
John Wyndham
2 Stars
Epub, 196 Pages

a new kind of plant is discovered/invented, one that is mobile, carnivorous, and filled with all sorts of new useful oils/chemicals. Then one night there is a meteor shower and the next day anyone who watched it is blind. Follows one man as he tries to survive the collapse of civilization. This actually had almost nothing to do with the triffids, the plants. More about the collapse of civilization as 99% of the world dies off in blindness. The triffids are just a bogeyman that appear once in a while and a future threat. Blardy, blardy blar…

Considering this story has almost nothing to do with the triffids, I was disappointed. Having seen the movie, and seen the plants going after people left and right [at least that is how I remember it as a preteen], I was hoping for more Triffid on People action. [and no, not that way]

Instead, we are treated to a dystopean prophecy about mankind and his different theological/philosophical outlooks and how those outlooks will play out.

Boring. Much better written, much more exciting apocalyptic books exist. Watch the movie on this one…

3 thoughts on “Day of the Triffids

  1. Heh, just goes to show we all love different books – this is a firm favourite of mine (partly because it focuses on the people and social death throes). But I read the book in my teens way before I saw any of the dramatizations so it had no expectations to overcome 🙂

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