Starship: RebelRebel

Starship #4

Mike Resnick

3 of 5 Stars


I enjoyed this little book, but not as much as the previous 3 [Mutineer, Pirate & Mercenary] and I am not sure why.

I think there was more ship fighting action, more intrigue and more dastardly evilness by the Navy. But it just didn’t do it for me.

Everything I read by Resnick I compare to my first read of Santiago back in Junior High and while that was around 2 decades ago, I still remember it as total awesomeness. So Resnick has to live up to my juniorhigh memories [with all of the uninformed, immature and juvenile tastes that go along with that time period] while engaging me as a mid 30’s adult.

that is just not fair. But who said life is fair, eh? The immortal Charles Dickens certainly did not 😉

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