The Rook

The RookThe Rook

The Checquy Files #1

Daniel O’Malley

4 of 5 Stars


The only reason this isn’t getting a 5star from me is because I’m not sure about its re-readability. If I ever re-read this, and like it as much as I did this time, I’ll be bumping it up to 5.

The writing was clean and tight. No spelling gaffs, or grammatical errors or awkward sentence structures to pull you out of the story. this was written well, then even better, EDITED well. With the influx of indies, good editing shows, sadly.

The story. Mysterious, engaging, cool, neat and wraps up well. Thankfully Mr. O’Malley doesn’t spend time on WHY the Rook has lost her memory, it is just an event that catapults the story forward.

The humor. I was grinning for a lot of this book. Not laughing out loud, or rolling on the floor, but grinning. Wise-ass humor was rife and I loved it.

“Oh thank God.”Not to worry, it’s not a weird monster. It’s just three rotting dead people. Page 290 ebook edition

How can you NOT love humor like that?

Characters. Good, bad, mean, nice, nasty, innocent, naive and disgusting. They were all there and nobody was a cookie cutter throwaway. Given, some characters had more facetime and were developed on a deeper level, but everyone felt like a real person, not just a name with some actions attached to them.

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