pathfinder (Custom)Pathfinder

Pathfinder #1

Orson Scott Card

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When your world gets filled with whiny, angsty, self-doubting, touchy-feely “men”, then read this for a young man, more of a boy, who is one of those characters of self-reliance, assured and doubt-less.

It is really refreshing to read about characters like this once in a while. Provides a nice granite bedrock for the changable waves of most fiction.

Lots of timetravel blabber, medieval era society, and hints of what humanity might become.

I skipped paragraphs at a time when time ‘movement’ was discussed and I don’t feel any less for it. But for those who like the convoluted, they might just eat it up.

And I really like how the first couple of paragraphs of each chapter deal with the very beginning of mankind traveling to this planet.

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