A Memory of Light

A Memory of LightA Memory of Light

Wheel of Time #14

Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I felt like I was deluged by a tidal wave.

Then came the ending. It kind of made me feel “vanilla”.

Sanderson did an excellent job of wrapping this up. I was in awe.

I look forward to re-reading the whole series in 5-8 years.


I realized this morning that my words were on the light side. Considering that I’ve been reading WoT since ’95 or ’96, and have experienced the travail of my soul [When I heard that Jordan had died, I practically swore vengeance upon his barely cold corpse “how could he do this to me!?”] and then was raised to the clouds when I heard Sanderson [probably my favorite fantasy author now] was going to complete the series.

I have run the whole gamut of emotions with this series. Excitement, boredom [tugging of hair anyone?], rage and despair, hope and finally, satisfaction.

How does one encapsulate 17’ish years in a couple of paragraphs? I’ve gone from a highschool teenager to a married 30something security guard. So I don’t write a review worthy of the NY Times, I write this little ditty to remind me that all things can be gotten through, that they end and that they can be good and bad.

This series will be something that sticks with me for the rest of my life. Nice to have something like that.

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