The Swords of the Sultan!

The Swords of the Sultan!The Swords of the Sultan!

Elysian Dynasty #1

J. Eric Booker

My rating: 1 of 5 stars


Ok, I made it through the first chapter, but that is it. This appears to be a world of medieval tech level, as the main character’s father was a metalsmith who mainly dealt with horseshoes.

So, why do words like “warp speed” and “refrigerated” appear? In the first chapter?

Then the plot. A young man’s family is killed. They seem to be a slightly lower middle class. And nobody investigates? No other family exists? Our hero is left on his own to starve on the streets. When suddenly! A BUSTY BLONDE follows him, tells him he is cute, shows off her cleavage, reveals she is a master thief AND she thinks he has the talent to be a master thief as well. And all this because he stole a sausage.

Methinks the author is thinking with their own little sausage.

Writing style. In the beginning, the author shows me 7 ways that he doesn’t appear comfortable with words. After showing me those 7 ways, he goes on to show me 3 other ways he could have been comfortable with words, but wasn’t.

Ok, the above is an exaggeration, but that is what the author does. He literally shows me the world by the numbers. Almost like a connect the dots.

Thankfully, this was free. So while I was expecting a decent tale, at least I didn’t pay for those expectations. If you can get past the above, maybe you’ll enjoy this book? But I don’t want to waste my time finding out. warp speed & refrigerate were enough for me.

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