Triumph of the Darksword

Triumph of the DarkswordTriumph of the Darksword

Darksword #3

Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman

My rating: 3 of 5 stars


So instead of writing a good story, this duo [and don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love some of their stuff] simply use a scifi cliche to advance the story 10 years for Joram.

And this story wasn’t even about Joram really. It was all about the revelations of the outside world and how everything we thought we knew gets turned on its side and shaken. With some token villain who’s a freaking stage magician. Seriously?

At least the tech warriors could have been cool. Special Special Forces [yes, that was a double]. And they fall apart and cry like babies. Seal Team 6 wouldn’t have fallen apart like that!

Finally, to wrap things up, we get a love fest and everybody is going to be everybody else’s best friend, except for the badguys, who we are told, are now going to be even badder. But the goodguys will be even gooderer. And can you not be inspired by a Gooderer Guy?

So while I might appear to have hated this book, I actually enjoyed it. It was just juvenile and not up to the level of sophistication that I enjoy now [anyone read those Myth books by Asprin?] If you enjoyed the first 2, this won’t disappoint, but it wont get better.

And I found out that there is a 4th book after this. I won’t be reading it.

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