Baen: Free Stories 2011

Free Stories 2011

Patrick Lundrigan, Editor

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This collection of short stories runs the gamut from the absolutely awesome to the unbearably dull.

Most of these stories appear to take place in each of the authors’ own universe. So if you are not familiar with that universe, you’re going to feel like an interloper at a party.

Honestly though, the worst I can say is that some of these stories were just boring.

And the good stuff really makes up for it. I liked the following stories.

Zahn’s story took place in his Cobra War trilogy. It was a typical Zahn. I wasn’t blown away, but I did enjoy it and I enjoyed the extra “boost” to the overall trilogy that this story added.

Second was a story called “Intelligent Design” that dealt with a young boy who discovers some sort of sentient computer. I really liked the idea.

Third, last and Best, was Larry C’s short MHI story “Tanya: Princess of the Elves”. Edward the urk is just awesome. And it was pretty amusing to see a little more into the elve’s world, of ho-ho’s and ranch dressing 🙂

I got this for free from Baen []. Not sure I would have paid for this.

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