Verily, A New Hope

coverVerily, A New Hope

William Shakespeare’s Star Wars #1

Ian Doescher

My rating: Unrated


I really wanted to like this. Unfortunately, as much as I like the idea, I simply found it tedious.

Shakespeare tells a good story. Lucas made a good movie with New Hope. I’ve also read the book New Hope and found it very lack luster.

The same issues that plagued the original novel plague this. Star Wars is simply not a good book story. It is a great movie, but a failure as a book.

And while this might be a great novelty item, that is all it is. A gimmick, a show, something “new” and “unusual”. It doesn’t have enough spine to stand on it’s own feet.

I cut this book down just like Vader does to Obi-wan*.

*spoilerized for the ONE freaking person who doesn’t know it, ends up reading here and then bitches in the comments. Consider yourself warned, you social outcast.

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