The 47th Samurai (Bob Lee Swagger #4)

47thesamurai (Custom)


The 47th Samurai

Bob Lee Swagger #4

Author: Stephen Hunter

4 of 5 Stars

This really should have been called Swagger puts down his Gun, and picks up the Sword.

I really enjoyed the story. But considering that I’ll take fantasy over military, anime over hollywood, that doesn’t come as a big surprise.

The backstory, the blood, the plotting, the guts, the wicked intense fight/battle at the end, it was great. When Swagger took on the 4 or 6 yakuza to save the swordpoliser and to get the sword back, that was cool.

BUT. The whole time I read I was rolling my eyes. Swagger is an old man, lets face it. He might be a very fit old man, but he’s an old man who is a sniper. He is NOT a samurai prodigy.
So when he became Insta-swordsman in a week and took out yakuza left and right and THEN took out the main swordsman, who has been practicing since he was 14’ish, I just threw up my hands and said “Fine, make Swagger be a swordsman. I like the story, I just don’t care.”.

This was an awesome story. But it wasn’t a Bob Lee Swagger story, even though Hunter named the main character that.

So if you’ve liked the previous 3 books, I think you’ll like this one. If you realize the inherent, internal inconsistencies and aren’t bothered by them.

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