Fraternity of the Stone (Brotherhood #2)


Fraternity of the Stone - David Morrell
Fraternity of the Stone

Brotherhood #2

Author: David Morrell

2.5 Stars of 5


I found this to be a better story than Brotherhood of the Rose, but not nearly as engaging.

You have the same elements, 2 bestfriends/brothers, 1 girl, an older mentor, betrayal, paranoid assassins.

But it was draggy. Mr Killer/Assassin man feels bad, goes to be a monk and it isn’t until almost 1/3 of the way through that his past catches up and the plot begins to move forward.

So while I’m all for secret societies, and assassins and religious overtones, this book just fell shy of being a good book. A plodding time filler.

I’m not so sure I want to read the 3rd Brotherhood book now.

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