Kafka On the Shore


Kafka on the Shore

Author: Haruki Murakami

3 of 5 Stars


First off, this book has some graphic sex scenes that are incestuous in nature. So read it at your own risk.

An interesting tale of 2 men, one old, one young, who both have to find something for their lives to be truly fulfilled.

After reading 1Q84, I was pretty ready for Murakami’s style, so the almost dreamlike pace didn’t unsettle me. The writing is fantastic and in many ways I did love the story. The pacing, the back and forth of scenes between the 2 protagonists, the surreal atmosphere, the funny little interjections, the ordinary just slightly turned 20degrees of kilter, it all made for a fantastic read.

But, incest? I felt so dirty after reading the scenes that I wish I could have taken them out of the story.  Other than that, this would have been a 5star. Now I am sad.

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