Undaunted (Kris Longknife #7)



Kris Longknife #7

Author: Mike Shepherd

Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars



Princess Kris Longknife meets up with an Itechee envoy who has been sent to warn humanity of a potential threat to both their species.

The second plot is a localized plot on a planet to try to split the United Sentients federation.

My Thoughts

I didn’t have the usual whiplash, “did I miss a book” feeling when I started this. Considering the problems between the U.S. and the Peterwalds and the internal problems of the U.S., I was kind of surprised that Shepherd decided to write about the Itechee, the big bad aliens who almost wiped out humanity 80’ish years ago.

And I was even more surprised that they were “friendly” and bringing warning of an even greater threat to us all. Ramped up the “Threat Matrix” and made sure that the series wasn’t going to end in 2 books. Boo to that! I am getting sick of the “never ending” series I’m coming across lately. A long series is fine, but one that has no over arching plot, no “big” storyline, that just plods on from one plot to the next, well, it reminds me of Alan Dean Foster’s Pip and Flinx series, that I gave up in disgust on.  I just hope this doesn’t become something like that.

The little on planet battle was a brief, easy lull in the tension. There was no chance of it working and we the reader could see that a mile away. So we got to see Space Marines kick local redneck butt. Good stuff.

All along I thought this was going to deserve a 4star. Then Shepherd has Longknife start wondering sexually about the Itechee ambassador, to the point of spying on him while swimming. 7 foot tall aliens with no penises, well, WHY would a female be interested in that? It grossed me out and smacked of filthy fan service.

Or maybe Shepherd is a sick perv and he can’t admit it so it is sublimated into his stories?

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