League of Night and Fog (Brotherhood #3)


League of Night and Fog

Brotherhood #3

Author: David Morrell

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars


Multiple men from the WWII era have disappeared inexplicably. At the same time, Saul and Erika (from Brotherhood of the Rose) are attacked while Erika’s father disappears. Also, the man and woman from Fraternity of the Stone (I simply can’t remember their names, they are so forgettable) are attacked. Everything ties together in one big mish-mash.

My Thoughts:

WWII, Nazis and Jews. And covert ops, black ops, invisible ops, you name it.

I enjoyed this more than the other 2 books mentioned [and they’re necessary to understand this book], but it was kind of funny to be honest. Whenever someone uses Nazis* as  the badguys in modern times, I just have to roll my eyes.

There is a twist revealed partway through when you realize there are 2 groups of disappeared men instead of 1 and that throws everything for a loop. Suddenly, some of the people you were feeling sympathetic towards, you simply don’t anymore.

So while this was supposed to be a thriller, I found it more comedic than the author probably intended.

*whenever I head “nazi’s”, all I can think about is the scene from the movie Ratrace where Jon Lovitz accidentally impersonates Hitler in front of a whole group of WWII vets. Here’s the clip:

Ratrace Jon Lovitz is Hitler Clip (dead link pruned)

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