The Green Brain


Socialists on earth are trying to remove every insect except for mutated/hybrid bees and bad things start to happen.

My Thoughts

I’ve read all the Dune books by Herbert and loved them. However, every other book I’ve read by him has not been very enjoyable. I am convinced that if it weren’t for Dune Herbert would not be the name he is today.

Basically, bugs are taking over the world because the Communists in China and South America are trying to wipe them out and failing miserably about it and lying through their teeth.

This story is about 3 people trapped in the middle of Bug Country and how the evolving bug supermind is trying to communicate before everything is destroyed.

This felt like a mix of Greenpeace/PETA propaganda, with McCarthy like paranoidism and some very slow adventure story. Lots of introspection and “thought bubbles”. I think David Lynch’s movie version of Dune would be a perfect example of how much this was used in this book.

I think I’m done with Herbert. Cerebral can be good, but not when it excludes every other aspect of a story.

Author: Frank Herbert

Rating: 2.5 Stars of 5

The Green Brain

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