Witches Incorporated (Rogue Agent #2)


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Princess Melissande and her friend Bibbie, along with Reg, start their own Witches business and are hired to investigate some petty thieving at a large company. At the same time, Gerald is investigating a series of Portal Accidents and possibly something more sinister.


My Thoughts

I was really enjoying this book. One liners were abounding in every chapter. There was a great mix of humor, adventure and magic.

Things were going great, this was headed for 4stars easily, then the characters started fighting. About really stupid things.  And it wasn’t amusing. It was annoying and ruined it all for me.The girls started acting like real bitches and the guys suddenly lost their spines and whined like 5 year olds.

I almost felt like I was reading the writings of 2 authors.  It was a very schizophrenic experience and almost made me want to stop reading. Thankfully, it all worked out in the end. I just hope the next book doesn’t devolve into the kind of whining, moaning, bitch slapping and general childish’ness shown in part here.

But, the idea here, the general plot, is just totally awesome! Which is why I’ll read the next book. A self-effacing super-powered magician, working secretly for the government. How does it get better than that!?

Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars

Author: K.E. Mills [also known as Karen Miller]

Witches Incorporated

Rogue Agent #2

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