Widowmaker (Widowmaker #1)


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Jefferson Nighthawk, also known as the Widowmaker, is in deepfreeze for an incurable disease. Unfortunately, that is expensive and even the Widowmaker runs out of money now and then. So to procure more money to keep him on ice until a cure is found, a clone is made and sent on an assignment.


My Thoughts

I really enjoyed Resnick’s Santiago duology and his Starship series was ok as well. Thankfully, I enjoyed this just as much.

Resnick’s Outer Rim is a wonderful place to read about. Characters bigger than fiction, huger than real life. Battles and circumstances so outrageous, so unbelievable that you are sucked in. And you love it, all of it.

This is about a clone, Jeff Nighthawk, who has all the skills of Widowmaker, but not his experience of life, and Jeff resents Widowmaker. So while on assignment, he plans to kill his employer, who has already doublecrossed him and also Widowmaker, so that he, Jeff, will BE the Widowmaker.

Sadly, Jeff falls in love. With a lowclass gold-digger. And you know things never work out well when one of those are involved. So you know the ending from at least halfway through the book, if not sooner.

Simplistic, stylized, pulpy. But oh so fun. I look forward to the rest of this trilogy.

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Author: Mike Resnick


Widowmaker #1

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