The Royal Ranger (Ranger’s Apprentice #12)


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15 to 20 years after The Lost Stories, Will is dealing with one of life’s most grievous blows. At the same time Horace and Evanlyn are dealing with their rebellious daughter.


My Thoughts

First off,

Will’s wife is dead. Once you get past that, then the story moves on.

Will is turning into a shell and Maddy is running so wild that she is in danger of becoming a danger to the Royal Family.

Everybody else gets together and comes up with a plan to force them together. It works. Will gets happy, Maddy grows up and they rescue a bunch of stolen children and give justice to the killer of Will’s wife.

I found this slightly disgusting to be honest. I thought that Will’s story should have ended back in The Lost Stories and this just smacked of something slightly off. I don’t have a problem with more stories about the Rangers or this land, but either go with a different ranger, or skip a generation and start a new sub-series.

Also, this smacked of trying to get the girl “vote”. Keep your “girl power” story in another time line. Don’t force into characters that I’ve already spent 11 books worth of time with. Like I wrote before, write this story. Tell this “girl growing up” story. It is a good story. But it isn’t a Will Treaty story.

I guess it came down to that I didn’t want to read a new Will Treaty story, but was willing to read a Will Treaty story and this was NOT about him. He was ancillary.

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

Author: John Flanagan

The Royal Ranger

Ranger’s Apprentice #12


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