Death Note #4-6 (Manga Monday)

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A second Kira appears, and it seems they have greater powers than Light. And Light starts a long term plan that creates a Third Kira while clearing him and his new girlfriend, Misa, of having anything to do with the original or 2nd Kira.


My Thoughts

A second Kira appears and appears that Kira2 wants to hook up with Kira. So Light maneuvers things, while trying to avoid L, to meet Kira2.

And once Light and Misa [who is Kira2] are together, Light must come up with a plan to fool L, kill him and then get rid of Misa. Meanwhile, L is still convinced that Light is Kira, no matter the evidence. And puts Light, Light’s father and Misa all in confinement for almost 2 months to try to get some more info to prove Light is Kira.

And finally, Light gives his notebook to another person to throw L off the scent. And loses his memory in the process and goes back to good old Light who wants to catch Kira.

Yep, folks, these 3 volumes have more twisty, turny, unnecessary, silly, awesome and totally over the top moments than you can shake a stick at.  There is also a lot of text. In most manga, as much of the story is told through the art as through the text. Here, that simply isn’t possible. “Thinking” specific thoughts can’t be really drawn, you know?

On the down side of things, L’s gut instinct that Light is Kira is getting annoying. He’s right, but it has nothing to do with Logic or evidence. And Light is turning really scary. He’s willing to kill off innocents, planning on it in fact, to further his aims.

I’m still liking this, but the second impression isn’t nearly as faultless as the first.


Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Author: Tsugumi Ohba

Artist:Takeshi Obata

Death Note #4-6

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