Sicilian Slaughter (The Executioner #16)

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Mack heads to Sicily to put the kabosh on the Don who’s been importing muscle to the United States for the Mafia Families.


My Thoughts

First off, this was written by a different author and it really shows. Instead of the Heroic Adventurer who shrugs off death and despair and keeps on soldiering, this Bolan is a lot more human. He’s practically done in physically from the last book, mentally and emotionally he’s at the cracking point, and Peterson writes this into the story.

Part of me liked this and part of me didn’t. It was nice to see Bolan as a bit more human, but to be honest, I read these stories because he isn’t just human. He is the Punisher, the Executioner. He is MORE than human.

The overall plot was typical with nothing standing out. Mack goes in and causes Hell and Death. And escapes by the skin of his teeth.

I did notch this down half a star because apparently everyone woman who met Mack had an extremely large “bosom”  [and the word bosom was used in this book more times than I’ve read in the last couple of years!] and instantly got wet just from looking at him. I don’t read these books for cheap thrills, but for cheap violence.

We’ll see if Peterson writes some more or if it goes back to Pendleton.


Rating: 2.5 of 5 Stars

Author: Jim Peterson

Sicilian Slaughter

The Executioner #16

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