Orion (Orion #1)


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Orion is the chosen tool of a god, to fight another being of great power throughout the ages. Orion starts at the end of time and works back to the beginning and at each nexus in time, strives to keep the established continuum on track.


My Thoughts

I know I haven’t read this book, but the premise, of a time agent working against someone else while one descends time and the other ascends time, is wicked familiar. But I can’t remember what book it was, so I can’t be sure which came first.

This was lightly engaging, but in all honesty, it was so preachy about free will and choice and stuff, and it was from a perspective that I completely disagree with, that it was hard to really engage in the story without going “No, that is WRONG!”  I read to escape, not debate in my mind with the author.

Then there was the little part about the flood. Or, as I would call it, Noah’s Flood. and its humanistic, evolutionistic mocking of Christianity really turned me off. Snide. Very little is worse than snide condescension when you’re reading something.

Apart from that, this was a slightly dry set of short adventure stories. This is a series, so I’ll be trying the next book, but if it isn’t any better I’ll let the series go.


Rating: 2.5 of 5 Stars

Author: Ben Bova


Orion #1

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