Death Note #12 The End (Manga Monday)

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Near and Light finish up their end games and it all comes down to one meeting with all the members of both the Japanese and American Kira hunters for the showdown. And Ryuk shows his true Shinigami colors.


My Thoughts

This was awesome. At the end of Book 11 Mello took action on his own, only it was calculated by Near and miscalculated by Light.

And that is what this final battle of wits comes down too. Who was one step ahead? Near proves that HE is the true successor to L and Light/Kira’s superior. But Kira almost makes it. He asks Ryuk, the shinigami, to help him out right at the end. But Ryuk refuses and thus Light/Kira perishes.

And the manga ends with showing the world almost back to how it is today. Which was the point the manga-ka was trying to make. Kira changed the world for the better, but that didn’t make it right. And Kira being brought to justice didn’t necessarily make the world a better place.


Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Author: Tsugumi Ohba

Artist:Takeshi Obata

Death Note #12

The End

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