The Spider Stone (Rogue Angel #3)

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A sacred stone, said to be a gift from Anansi to an African tribe, is being pursued for various reasons and by various people. Some say it is a treasure map, others a supernatural symbol of Anansi’s protection and others a curse.


My Thoughts

First off, while I know these are throw-away adventure stories, they do more than just dabble in the supernatural. They make philosophical and theological statements and that gets my inner Lion roaring away. But I still enjoy the adventure side of things.

Alex Archer is a catch-all for whatever author is writing that particular book and each author seems to be bringing their own pet political and theological ideology into the books. This time, we get smacked with the evils of the White Man, the pureness of the tribes of Africa [except for when they weren’t, but that is glossed over] and how killing is Evil, with a capital E. Which means that Annja must feel guilty and all dark-sidey when she has to kill someone with her sword in self-defense or in defense of the innocent.

Other than that, I really liked this. We get a sacred stone and all that that means, ie, warlords, treasure hunters and witchy-women. There are some serious kickass fights, ranging from fisticuffs to swords and daggers to guns to vehicle mounted assault weapons.

The ending wraps up as quickly as the previous 2 books and I’m beginning to sense that the ending is the least important and least thought about part of the book. I mean, BAM, every badguy dies and the goodguys get the goods at the last 2% of the book.

I suspect these books will be lucky to get a 4 star from me, ever, but a run of 3 stars is pretty good by me. I don’t need The Codex Alera by Jim Butcher for every fantasy book series 🙂


Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

Author: Alex Archer

The Spider Stone

Rogue Angel #3

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