Wizard Squared (Rogue Agent #3)

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Gerald, from another dimension, makes a different choice from “our” Gerald back in Book 1, which turns him evil and sets him on the path of world and dimension domination.


My Thoughts

I didn’t like this book.  The girls, and I use that word instead of “women”, act like the worst type of stereotypical girls with their whining, talking, criticizing and general all around wasting of time and energy instead of either doing something or supporting those who are trying to do something.

The 2 guys aren’t much better. A tortured, self doubting genius and a tortured, self doubting wizard of incalculable strength. Yeah. I was that angsty, emotional and doubtful once too, when I was 19.

There is one more book in this series, but I won’t be reading it, nor will I be reading any more by Mills.


Rating: 2.5 of 5 Stars

Author: K.E. Mills

Wizard Squared

Rogue Agent #3

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