Persuasion (Classic)

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A 27 year old middle daughter turned down a first love at 19 due to a friend’s advice. She always regretted that refusal. Now,  Family Circumstances throw her back into his sphere and we get to see the End of the Story..


My Thoughts

Since this is my 3rd read [read it in ’03 and ’06] and I enjoyed it as much if not more so than the previous times, I thought I’d bump this up to a 5 Star. 3 reads, all enjoyable, how can that NOT be a 5 star?

There is very little real drama that goes on in this book. Any that does occur is so far off stage that it might as well not be part of the book and I think that is a big part of why I like this book so much. It is about the slow maturation of a love spurned that wouldn’t die. And it ends up blooming.

Honestly, I can’t pin down WHY I like this Austen book more than her others. It isn’t better written, it isn’t more exciting, less actually happens, side characters are less fleshed out but I still like this the best.

When I read books like Wizard Squared and I despair of liking female writers, Austen grounds me and reminds me that she can write books that just absolutely astound me, again and again and again and so hope doesn’t die. It also shows me that I like Romance, real romance however.


Rating: 5 of 5 Stars

Author: Jane Austen


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