Texas Storm (The Executioner #18)

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Mack drops into Texas to make a lightning raid, only to find the Mafia in the midst of a plan to take over Texas and make it an independent country, with them running things!


My Thoughts

Now we start to see Mack getting involved in things that have a wider, almost international, scope. No longer is he taking out individual Mafia leaders, but is taking out dangers to the country and to the world.

There is also a distinct down turn in the amount of time Bolan spends rhapsodizing about how he knows he has to die sometime so today is as good as any day to fight the good fight to the hilt.

Instead, he just goes in, guns blazing, with some serious firepower.

I think that things are such that everyone, the writer, the reader, the publisher, all know that this is about the guns, the actions, the swift and lethal execution of Justice upon the guilty. Everything that could be said by and about Mack has been said. Now we sit back and just enjoy an action thriller.


Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

Author: Don Pendleton

Texas Storm

The Executioner #18

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