Scout’s Progress (Liaden)

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Caylon, an abused middle child, now an abused adult, is a math genius. But it isn’t enough to get her from under her domineering brother’s thumb.

So she makes a bet, under her Delm’s protection, that she can make her portfolio do better in a year than her brother can.

It is all a ruse to prepare her for running away and leaving her life behind and starting a fresh.

What she doesn’t count on is running into Daav, head of Clan Korval.


My Thoughts:

With each Liaden novel, I enter with trepidation, wondering if “this” will be the book that falls flat for me.

Well, it wasn’t this one! 🙂

I absolutely love these books. Space Opera Romance, that while not of Jane Austen quality, are perfect for what they are.

A balance of light humor, dark emotions, people using their brains and some really good action.

Caylon was shown perfectly. An abused woman who was intelligent enough to know that she needed to run and made the plans accordingly. It was great to see her start out as a mouse and become warmer and stronger the more she interacted with her new friends and Daav.

We also get to see Daav move from a man who is jealous of his twin for his life mating while Daav must deal with contract marriages as the Clan leader to someone who finds his own lifemate. I love that type of thing.

Happy Endings and Justice for All, all around!


Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Author: Sharon Lee and Steve Miller

Scout’s Progress


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