Necroscope (Necroscope #1)

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2 Paranormal Agencies, one in Britain and one in the USSR, are fighting it out.

One of the agents from Britain is a young man who is just coming into his powers. He can talk to and incorporate knowledge from the dead. He is the Necroscope.

The other main character is from the USSR and he is a necromancer, one who gets answers from the dead by touching, tasting, smelling, etc the bodies. It is disgusting. And he is the one who is trying to make a deal with a dying vampire.


My Thoughts: Spoilers Ahead

I was recommended this and even though it has a vampire in it, I decided to give it a go. I am glad I did.

This book is written from 2 basic view points, British and USSR but they are not concurrent timelines until near the end. Really, it was reading 2 different stories that only come together in the last quarter or so of the book.

One complaint I had was about the 2 sex scenes. Completely gratuitous. I hate things like that.

The vampire aspect of things was pretty cool. They are a parasite that inhabits your body and you and it meld until you both are one. Lumley does a great job of making this one so deceptive that the reader doesn’t know what is true or not, right up til the end. The USSR agent dealing with it is completely out of his class and gets his in a very nasty way at the end.

The necroscope guy was more about him finding out about his powers than in joining the agency. He doesn’t actually join until the very end and then he masters time/space, dies/doesn’t die, and ends up going to reincarnate in his unborn son. Yeah, it is weird and disturbing.

Gruesome’ness wise, this was better than I was expecting, but there are a couple of scenes where the necromancer goes to work and Lumley describes it in more detail than I wanted. Sucking out the brains of a corpse? I gagged. But it isn’t a big part of the book and probably doesn’t take up any more time than the sex scenes.

I do plan on reading more in the series, but on a provisional basis. I’ll keep reading until I hit a book that I don’t like and then I’m done.


Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Author: Brian Lumley


Necroscope #1

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