xxxHolic #13 & 14 (Manga Monday)

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Title: xxxHolic #13 & 14

Series: xxxHolic

Author & Artist: CLAMP

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Genre: Manga



Watanuki helps out Kohane-chan and gets her to a safeplace away from her mother.  In volume 14 the story takes on the over-arching idea of who and what Watanuki is, the price he has paid in the past without realizing it and how he, Li and Sakura are all tied together.


My Thoughts:

I almost cried at the Kohane-chan story. Seeing a young girl attacked by her own mother because the mother hates her ex-husband is just sad. Thankfully, with her wish to be happy and her giving up her powers, which turn out to be based on one of Sakura’s feathers, Kohane can start to have a normal childhood. Surrounded by friends, she can learn what love really is.

Volume 14 was a little more esoteric and non-plot centric. Lots of little conversations between various people that advance what is happening to Watanuki and Sakura and Co over at Tsubasa.

And we are getting little hints that not everything will be ok with Yuko. She has not been so rambunctious and we keep seeing bits of melancholia in her expressions.

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