The God King (Heirs of the Fallen #1)

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Title: The God King

Series: Heirs of the Fallen #1

Author: James West

Rating: 1 of 5 Stars

Genre: Fantasy

Pages: 393




A mercenary, along with his 2 bestest buds ever help a young spoiled nobleman reach a hidden temple. Upon which the young nobleman unleashes hell itself thinking he’s gaining absolute power.

For no apparent reason said Mercenary gets some of the power and becomes the Nobleman’s Nemesis!

Battle across the Continent, some girl gets involved and then things turn out as you expect and there is lots more to the series as the world now has demons to contend with.


My Thoughts:

I had this on my TBR list, so somewhere, sometime I saw a review of it that either made me want to read it or I trusted the reviewer. Probably a good thing I can’t remember who recommended this to me.

It was a stinker.

“Nacreous” things happened. The sky was “azure”. Those are both code words for Synonyms dot com.  And cheesy Forgotten Realms. I like Forgotten Realms however.

The Mercenary was not a compelling character, his friends were stereotypes that never really got past the 2d stage, insta-love girl was just an ornament and the badguy was just a stupid idiot.

I might have had a much better time of things if it wasn’t almost 400 pages long. It really should have been 150-200 pages. What is it with indie authors and their insatiable need to spew on and on and on? Sanderson can write a tome for every book if he wants too, but you, Mr West, are absolutely no Brandon Sanderson, not by a long shot.

And I’m removing one star because I’m grumpy. Yep, I can do that. I also won’t be reading any more by this author. One book was enough to show the lack of skill level that I expect from my reading experience.



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