The Price of Peace (Jump Universe #2)

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Title: The Price of Peace

Series: Jump Universe #2

Author: Mike Moscoe

Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars

Genre: SF

Pages: 329



The group is hired by Westhaven [?] to hunt down some pirates and in the process come across a new group of corporate flunkies who are pushing a new drug to fund their rogue ways.


My Thoughts:

This was almost exactly like one of the Kris Longknife books where one of the little adventures is about rescuing some people from slave labor of drug harvesting.

This was the exact clone of that story [or to be correct, the KL book was a copy of this], and to be honest, I liked this one better.

Trouble, and us, are introduced to his wife-to-be, and that was cool. I really enjoyed following Trouble as he was kidnapped and then rescued.

Nothing stood out about this story at all, much like the previous book and all of the Kris Longknife books. A good solid SF Adventure story that while not blowing my socks off certainly didn’t let me down.

One thing I noted, some editions say “Society of Humanity” and others “A Jump Universe Novel”.  I hate it when things like a series name change happens for unfathomable reasons. It strikes me as messy and amateur’ish [not on Moscoe’s part, but by the publishers,  Ace/Penguin]

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