Akira #3 (Manga Monday)

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Title: Akira #3

Series: Akira

Author & Artist: Katsuhiro Otomo

Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars

Genre: Manga

Pages: 284



The Colonel activates a coup after losing Akira and takes over Neo-Tokyo [because we all know that as Neo-Tokyo goes so goes the rest of Japan].

The rebels are betrayed by one of their own, a schemer who wants Akira for himself so he can be a “player” in the big leagues.

A new group of super powered children appear, apparently loyal to the leader of the rebels, a certain Lady Miyako who is also super-powered, somehow.

Kaneda, Kei and a new sidekick, a true blue Japanese Mama-san are running all over the place, trying to keep Akira safe. Oh yeah, Kaneda steals a tank. Yeah, for real.

Finally, Akira. The poor kid is passed from group to group like a football at the Superbowl and at the end, he psychically explodes and a good part of Neo-Tokyo is now gone. And Tetsuo appears next to him at the last page of the book. Good times ahead!


My Thoughts:

This ran the gamut from sad [Takeshi, one of the ‘old’ kids getting his brains blown out] to funny [Kaneda stealing a tank is just awesome! This whole volume would have been worth it for just that!]

This is definitely not for everyone. But I would highly recommend it unreservedly to any guy or to anyone else looking for some epic scifi blow-em up action. If you’re looking for deep character development and monologues about feelings, go read something else. Seriously.

I’m off to eat a rare steak and shoot some guns. And maybe steal a tank while I’m at it *wink*

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