Deadly Shores (Destroyermen #9)

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Title: Deadly Shores

Series: Destroyermen #9

Author: Taylor Anderson

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

Genre: Fantasy

Pages: 465



The Alliance makes a big push to raid Madagascar, ancestral home of the Lemurians and now the home of the Grik queen.

During this time Matt Reddy realizes that he needs to truly become the military leader of the Alliance while staying out of the political arena.

A theory is put forth that this world is the dumping ground for multiple worlds and that is why you get all the differences. And we meet French nazis with submarines.


My Thoughts:

I wasn’t sure I was going to finish this book because it started with so much military/navy/ship porn that my eyes were glazing over and I was literally skimming pages of material.

It also doesn’t help that each book solves one problem and introduces 2 more, thus allowing Taylor to keep this series open indefinitely. I am not a fan of open series. I like it when the author knows the destination, even if they’re not sure how they are going to get there.

However, Taylor can write some of the best battle scenes I have ever come across. I was convinced I wouldn’t read any more in this series but the battle for Madagascar sucked me in so hard, so fast, so completely that if this book had just been that, it would have gotten 5 stars. So I’ll read the next book and complain about it too *smiles*

One of my other main issues is that Taylor is opening up the whole world and thus has too much material to work with. We have the Grik, the New Great Britain people, the twisted Catholic Dominion people, the unnamed People from the “south” I think and now French Nazis. Just how many “new” groups can Taylor stuff into this series? I find it ridiculous to be honest. Ridiculous and distracting. Each group is ancillary to the main Destroyermen and so we only get a little or no action from some groups in each book.

So while I enjoy this series, I can’t recommend it because of the ship porn [worse than Tom Clancy and his descriptions of missiles and such] and it’s ever growing scope. I wish I could recommend it however, as Taylor does some mighty fine writing.

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