Rogue Squadron (X-Wing #1) (Star Wars)

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Title: Rogue Squadron

Series: X-Wing #1, Star Wars

Author: Michael Stackpole

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Genre: SF

Pages: 388



When the Emperor died, the Empire did not. It was up to the Rebellion, now the newly minted New Republic, to continue the fight. One of the most notable parts of their military was Rogue Squadron, the X-Wing group that had helped take out 2!! Deathstars.

Now Rogue Squadron must build itself up with new members and go on missions that are so high profile that the mere mention of Rogue Squadron will send the enemy fleeing.

The first 4 books of this series center around Corran Horn, former Correllian Security [CorSec] agent and his integration into the New Republic.


My Thoughts:

You want Star Wars that is tight, exciting, full of intrigue, suspense and action? Well, this book delivers.

I originally read this back in 2000 and all I put was the genre, as Science Fiction. I was on quite the Michael Stackpole kick back then and this book fit in perfectly, as it combined him and Star Wars.

No jedi, no sith, no philosophical ramblings about grey areas and crap like that. This was action and a man coming to grips that his beliefs might not be the be all and end all he thought they were.

Really good space battles, some romance [just a smidge, mind you. enough to leaven the loaf] and a bad guy who has a case of the “I hate you personally” really bad for Horn and Rogue Squadron.

This book takes place before Coruscant is in the hands of the New Republic and you really get the sense that the NR is just being birthed and could truly be snuffed out without too much effort. Good stuff!

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