The Fox Run (Endworld #1)

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Title: The Fox Run

Series: Endworld #1

Author: David Robbins

Rating: 2 of 5 Stars

Genre: SFF

Pages: 255




World War III has taken place 100 years ago and one man had prepared for it.

Now the group of survivors must go forth into the world as their own homegrounds are having deleterious effect on their lifespans.


My Thoughts:

Post-Apocalypse fiction.  It could have been good, but unfortunately, this was cringeworthily eye rollingly bad.

100 years, got that? 100 years to train everybody in your compound to defend themselves at a basic level. 100 years for roads to be taken over by nature [10 years of non-use and most roads will be undrivable. 15-20 years and they aren’t roads any more]. 100 years for other communities to either survive or completely fall apart.

The 3 main characters are always kidding about their being a “white man” and a “red man” as one of them is an Indian. The last Indian in North America. Because obviously of 15 couples at the beginning only the Indians married other Indians.

Then the women. Now, I am NOT a fan of women in the military but if you have a group of 70 people, in a completely hostile world, you train EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM to take care of themselves, from their childhood. However, the women presented here are full breasted lovelies just waiting to have babies. I’m all for that! But it isn’t realistic, nor even probable.

Finally,  guns and food. You CANNOT store enough guns, ammo and food stuffs for 70 people for 100 years. Logistically, it simply isn’t feasible. And your gene pool is too small.

So with those problems and some really stupid decisions all around and some poor writing, I found this lackluster. However, because I am such a generous guy, I am going to try the next book and hope beyond hope that this book was a fluke in this finely written epic series. *sarcasm*

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