The Jester (Riyria Chronicles #2.5) (Short Story)

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Title: The Jester

Series: Riyria Chronicles #2.5

Author: Michael Sullivan

Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars

Genre: SFF

Pages: 33



A short story about Royce and Hadrian having an adventure with a Widow, a Pig Farmer and a whole mountain filled with traps to protect a mysterious treasure.


My Thoughts:

This drops you in right at the end of the story and with a few deft conversations fills you in on what is going on, but not to the point that I would have liked, ie, I wanted a full novel out of this story!

I like Riyria so this little tidbit helped feed the hunger until the next book comes out [whenever that may be]. It is a standalone story as any references to other adventures are explained but it makes for a fuller, more enjoyable read if you have already read the previous Revelations & then Chronicles series. That being said, if you want to check out the Riyria series with no commitment, this story allows just that very admirably.

I took 1 star off because I would have loved to see this expanded into a full length novel. The material is certainly there for that. So maybe that is actually a plus?

2 thoughts on “The Jester (Riyria Chronicles #2.5) (Short Story)

  1. Knowing how Sullivan writes, it’s probably a chapter in the 3rd Chronicles book. He released a short a while back, The Viscount and the Witch or something, that was the second chapter for The Rose and the Thorn.

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