Wedge’s Gamble (X-Wing #2) (Star Wars)

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Title: Wedge’s Gamble

Series: X-Wing #2, Star Wars

Author: Michael Stackpole

Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars

Genre: SFF

Pages: 358



The New Republic MUST take over Coruscant if they want to truly be a Galactic Power. With that in mind, Rogue Squadron heads to Coruscant to scout out the lay of the land. However, due to scheming and politics, the invasion must begin NOW and it is up to Rogue Squadron to figure out how to peel the hard fruit that is Coruscant.

And they are not unopposed. Ysanne Isard, the new Head of Security and Empress of the Empire in all but name, is preparing for the invasion and has brewed up a nasty plague to welcome the New Republic.

And the traitor is still in the midst of Rogue Squadron, reporting to Kirtan Loor. Who can it be?


My Thoughts:

No one ever said that Star Wars books are finely crafted pieces of literature. But some are better than others and they all fall prey to the drama of Space Opera.

This book was a bit fuller of said drama than the previous book, hence the 1/2star reduction.

I mean, 12’ish people go to a planet that is one giant city of 3+ trillion people and they have separate missions and they all end up together? Cue the eye rolling please.

Corran lusts after the hot babe Erisi and knows deep down that they aren’t for each other? But he and Mirax have so much in common so the seed of love is there? Cue the eye rolling again!

Thankfully, there is a lot of speederbike fights, shoot outs and general adventure and mayhem to distract from the eye rolling’ness. One thing I do like is that even though Corran is the main character, Wedge Antilles has as big a part in the story as he does. I like finding out more about side movie characters.

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