Canadian Crisis (The Executioner #24)

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Title: Canadian Crisis

Series: The Executioner #24

Author: Don Pendleton

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

Genre: Thriller

Pages: 123



The freaking residents of Quebec, guided by the hidden hand of the Mafia, are agitating for an independent state. Little do the stupid pinheads know that they are only setting the stage for a Mafia Country, a World Headquarters of Crime.

Thankfully, Mack Bolan knows that what is good for the Mafia is bad for Canada AND the United States.


My Thoughts:

Mack saves Canada from the damned Quebecois and in the process gets to kill a ton of Mafia dons.

All the action and adventure takes place in a hotel riddled with secret passages and Bolan makes the most of them. Posing as a Mafia Enforcer, he uses his status to get in the midst of them and with the help of the passages, appear to be in 2 places at once.

This was a good read. When the 9mil and the 44magnum get going, the action is a full frontal assault that doesn’t stop until it is over. blam, Blam, BLAM!

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