The Source (Necroscope #3)

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Title: The Source

Series: Necroscope #3

Author: Brian Lumley

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Genre: Horror/Thriller

Pages: 464



The Russians, oh those naughty Ruskies!, are fooling around with a laser defense thingy so they can negate the United States’ Star Wars program. Problem is, something goes wrong and they open a portal to the homeworld of the Vampires.

Yeah, pretty bad eh?

And they compound things by hiding it.

The Brits send in a spy to find out what is going on. He gets captured, and eventually sent to the other side along with some others.

Meanwhile Harry is down in the dumps with his new body and is pining away for his missing son and wife. So when things go South for the brit spy, E-branch sends in the necroscope to save the day.

He hooks up with his now 20’something year old son [his wife has gone insane, poor thing], finds the other humans and joins in a  big battle with the Vampire Lords.

And he finds out that his son, while having stupendous mental abilities, is now also a vampire. Ouch.


My Thoughts:

I am enjoying these book more and more. Most of the book was spent on the British spy finding out about the vampires and his time on the other world. Another 1/3rd was spent at the Russian base as a vampire has gotten loose and is slowly destroying it from within. And we get a little bit of Harry and lots of Harry right at the end.

The mix worked perfectly for me.

I had visions of something like a Vampire Hunter D storyline going on, but thankfully it wasn’t. The vampire lords on the other world were so divided that it took Harry’s son to unite them [and for most of them to be destroyed in the battle].

The psychological side of things was pretty tense in the Russian base. The scientists are doing their thing, the KGB their thing, the Russian E-branch their thing. We get to see how the vampire escapes and begins to haunt the base. It was great!

The gore and sex factor were almost nil in this book, which I found refreshing and why I added kept the 4 star rating. Very tense the whole book through and I found myself wanting to keep reading, which is always a good sign for me.

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