Thief River Falls Run (Endworld #2)

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Title: Thief River Falls Run

Series: Endworld #2

Author: David Robbins

Rating: 2.5 of 5 Stars

Genre: SFF

Pages: 204



Alpha group with Non-violence Spiritual Guy head out to try to get to the Twin Cities, again.

But they get waylaid by a new group. This group seems really organized, has info about the Family, controls mutates and the area surrounding the Twin Cities.

White hick cowboy man finds a 70’s retro blackgirl who just digs his jivey whitemeat and Big Burly main character wonders if his true blue eyed blond love still loves him after he’s been away a whole 2 days. And Indian man has a stereotypical cherokee beauty and her daughter show up at the Family’s compound. Babes abound for everyone!


My Thoughts:

I ended up giving this the Parody tag because it is impossible to take seriously. The supposed cream of the Warriors act like total idiots and even someone as civilianized as me can spot the issues they just ignore.

The women. Oh lordy, what a pubescent wetdream. A super busty black woman has fallen into enemy hands, is tortured and raped repeatedly and when rescued by the Intrepid Group, falls in love with the whitest of the white guys and acts like she hasn’t had anything happen to her. Goes so far as to offer herself to Cowboy man.

Thankfully the Indian women only shows up sick for about a page before the story moves on.

But what really got my goat was Blade [the main character] and his love interest. They are going to get married after the group successfully makes the Twin Cities run, but when the group stops at Thief River Falls and they spend 2 nights there, Blade is wracked with doubt and wonders if Lover Girl is thinking of him as much as he is thinking of her.

But even with all that, this story was fun and quick and showed a lot more potential than the first book. It also was very evident that this would be a paint by numbers series, which helped me to just ignore all the impossibly stupid things and enjoy the adventure side. This is going to be one of those series that I like to read and like to rip apart. It just will be 🙂

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