The Krytos Trap (X-Wing #3) (Star Wars)

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Title: The Krytos Trap

Series: X-Wing #3 , Star Wars

Author: Michael Stackpole

Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars

Genre: SFF

Pages: 355



Having just lost my review due to one stupid unfortunate swipe of the mousepad, yet again, this will be the last review I compose here in Booklikes.

I will be using a word processing program and reduce my stress and general level of profanity, which our neighbors will greatly appreciate.

Ok, Corran is captured, not dead and in his escape finds out his Gramps was a jedi and he is too.

Rogue Squadron plays politics because that scumbag Bothan Borsk Fey’la has decided he will be a player in galactic politics.


My Thoughts:

Reading this again was probably a mistake. Not because it was bad, but because it was just plain mediocre. And considering that these are probably near the top of the stack in quality, that is sad.

Not that I’m bitter about Disney’s total raping of the Extended Universe or anything. That doesn’t color my thinking at all, oh no. /sarcasm

Sadly, I feel like Star Wars has been ruined all over for me now.

Anyhow, this was an enjoyable read and there was a lot I had forgotten. I plan to finish out this series but re-reading this series that I had enjoyed so much in the past has made me seriously consider selling all my Star Wars books. Bleh…

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