Witch’s Canyon (Supernatural #2)

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Title: Witch’s Canyon

Series: Supernatural #2

Author: Jeff Mariotte

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Pages: 274



A 40 year Killing Cycle has begun and this time, the body count will be catastrophic. Only Dean and Sam have the knowledge and the ability to stop this cycle, for good.


My Thoughts:

Even though I gave this the same rating as the previous book, I enjoyed this a bit more and it definitely felt “more” like a Supernatural story.

First off, the body count/violence was WAY higher than the previous books. People are being offed left and right. No rhyme or reason at first and I loved being confused. The title obviously gives away who the main antagonist is, but even that is layered in mystery.

This really did remind me of an episode, it felt like it was scripted by Kripte. It gives me hope for the next couple of books. Whooha!

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